Employee Testimonials

Why Praxis is a great place to work 

People Matter
Emelia Diedrich, Vice President, Human Resources, helps support the company in ensuring that the people and the environment are a focus at Praxis every day. “Our purpose is growing a great place to work built on innovation.” Emelia believes in the products that Praxis makes and the people that make it all possible. “We prioritize cross-training and development opportunities so that our employees know that they can learn and grow.”

You get to do everything
Nate Fuller, Principal New Product Development Engineer, likes that there’s so much opportunity at Praxis. “It has challenges that are exciting and different every day.” He loves the impact the products have on people and the fact that the company has leadership that listens. Nate shares more about why he thinks Praxis is a good place to work. Find it here.

Small company, big impact
Tony Fiorillo, Sr. Facilities Technician, enjoys working at Praxis because you get to know everyone at the company at a level that allows you to build relationships that are meaningful and impactful. It’s great to be so connected at all levels of the organization. Tony appreciates how this framework of collaboration and communication helps achieve results and meet goals. Interested in joining Praxis? Check out our job openings.

It’s all about the quality.
Laurie Pincheon joined the Praxis team as a Quality Control Technician and is now a Compliance and Document Control Specialist. She appreciates Praxis’ on-the-job training opportunities and an atmosphere that encourages asking questions and collaborating across teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Laurie shares more about why she chose Praxis.

It’s about a can-do attitude.
Manufacturing Supervisor Lauren Dumas does whatever it takes to help the team. She believes in the important work the company does producing titanium molding and injection as very few other companies do this in the world. Innovative products, the focus on people, great benefits, and the development opportunities available to employees are just some of the reasons Lauren thinks Praxis has a lot to offer potential job candidates. Learn more here.

We are an incredibly unique company.
For Alley Morehouse, Production Operator, every day is different. Alley is proud to be part of a team working on designing and creating titanium devices that are highly-impactful in people’s lives. Alley likes that Praxis gives people a diverse day to day, cross-training, and opportunities with great benefits.