Employee Testimonials

Why Praxis is a great place to work 

People Matter
For Metrology Technician Donnalynn Milford, it’s her job to test, analyze and report on most of Praxis’ many products before they ship. She ensures it’s ready for customers and meets Praxis’ high standards of quality, excellence and on-time delivery. “The company has put a lot of faith in me and has given me the independence to do what I need to do. The entire team from upper management through the ranks trusts me.” That’s not the only reason Donnalynn loves working at Praxis. Check out her story.

You get to do everything
Nate Fuller, Principal New Product Development Engineer, likes that there’s so much opportunity at Praxis. “It has challenges that are exciting and different every day.” He loves the impact the products have on people and the fact that the company has leadership that listens. Nate shares more about why he thinks Praxis is a good place to work. Find it here.

Small company, big impact
Karen Manney, Machine Operator, loves working at Praxis because here you’re empowered to have impact and rewarded for working hard. “The company culture is strong. We have outstanding benefits. And the work we do results in innovative products. Best of all, the team is understanding and patient with everyone’s learning curve. On-the-job training is provided.” Interested in joining Praxis? Check out our job openings.

It’s all about the quality.
Laurie Pincheon joined the Praxis team as a Quality Control Technician. She appreciates Praxis’ on-the-job training opportunities and an atmosphere that encourages asking questions and collaborating across teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Laurie shares more about why she chose Praxis.

It’s about a can-do attitude.
Senior Engineer Brian Biley does whatever it takes to help the team get the job done. He believes in the important work the company does producing titanium molding and injection as very few other companies do this in the world. Ground-breaking innovation and lots of variety are just some of the reasons Brian thinks Praxis has a lot to offer potential job candidates. Learn more here.

We are an incredibly unique company.
For Jon Wood, Feed Stock Technician, every day is different. He is humbled to be part of a team working on designing and creating titanium devices that are highly-impactful in people’s lives. He likes that Praxis takes good care of its employees with great benefits and that there are vast opportunities to learn. Jon shares what it takes to be successful at Praxis.