Porous Titanium

Porous Titanium

Commercially Pure Porous Ti

Praxis’ porous titanium is a proven technology with over a decade of high-volume production for the orthopedic industry.

Our porous titanium is engineered for bone in-growth and implant longevity. Our technology was developed to provide these critical requirements:

  • Commercially Pure Titanium for superior biocompatibility
  • Tailored roughness for initial implant stability
  • Engineered pore volume to mimic bone-like modulus
  • Fully interconnected porosity for long-term biological fixation

Our porous titanium can be utilized as a coating or as a bulk material for fully porous applications, including:

Orthopedic implants

  • Acetabular cups
  • Tibial trays
  • Femoral knees
  • Patellas
  • Shoulder glenoids

Spine cages

  • TLIF, ALIF, and PLIF cages
  • Foot and ankle implants
  • Fusion wedges