Feed Stock Technician

Jon Wood
4 years at Praxis

We are an incredibly unique company.

Jon shares why he likes working at Praxis. 

What do you enjoy most about working for Praxis?
I’ve never done a job like this before. What’s great about Praxis is that we don’t do things that anyone else does. We are an incredibly unique company. No one does titanium molding like we do — the entire process from powder to end product is fascinating.

I had no clue that this type of manufacturing process existed and what it was used for; it has been humbling to be involved in this highly-impactful field.

I’ve had the opportunity to do so many different things by being here. The opportunities are vast.

What do you feel is the best part about working at Praxis?
Praxis takes good care of its employees. From your very first day, you’re granted a generous amount of paid time off (PTO) and your insurance is paid for. I like that we have a competitive compensation package. I choose to stay at Praxis because there’s overall flexibility and a consistent, dependable work schedule, which is important to me.  

What advice would you offer to people interested in working at Praxis?
To be successful at Praxis, you need to work well both independently and with a team. Good listening skills are a must along with the ability to learn something new and then apply that learning. While it’s true our jobs are consistent around procedure and process, they’re diverse in terms of what we get to touch and that’s what makes working on the Praxis team so exciting.