Metrology Technician

Donnalynn Milford 
2.5 years at Praxis 

Praxis is a great place for people who want to learn how to do different things.

Donnalynn reveals what she loves about working at Praxis 

As a Metrology Technician, what’s your typical day like? 
It’s my job to test, analyze and report on the medical parts we produce to meet our clients’ expectations. The company has put a lot of faith in me to do this.

My goal every day is to keep customers happy by making sure the processes in place are working, while working with the team to improve our processes.

What do you enjoy most about working for Praxis? 
I’ve worked in a lot of medical facilities and this one is different. We’re a small organization and it’s a comfortable place to work. Our managers trust us and there’s natural accountability.

It’s also exciting to play a role in new product development. Our product lines and customer focus are diverse so we can shift and adapt quickly to market demands. This, in my opinion, makes our company fascinating.

What do you feel is the best part about working at Praxis? 
I enjoy what I do. I’ve been given independence to structure my workload to assure we meet delivery deadlines and make sure my day remains manageable. This is a great place for self-starters and quick learners.

Being with a small company, we realize we are all part of the team. Our ability to cross-train lets us continuously grow, yet remain a small, tight-knit company.

I’ve never been afraid to go to management with a question, issue or idea and they’ve always encouraged it. They listen and implement suggestions when feasible.

We also have great benefits.