About Us

praxis [prak-sis] (noun): the practice or execution of an art or science, as distinguished from theory.

Praxis Powder Technology is an ISO-13485 certified and AS9100D certified manufacturing company that produces titanium components via powder metallurgy with over ten years of experience manufacturing implantable devices. Praxis specializes in titanium via metal injection molding (MIM) and developed the only qualified TiMIM process in the world. Since inception, Praxis has manufactured over 250,000 implantable devices and has grown beyond the medical sector into the aerospace, defense and consumer markets.

  • Innovation: Delivery of superior performance via new processes. Our multiple technologies provide flexibility in part complexity and economy.
  • Economy-Optimized material and resource utilization: Powder metallurgy provides design freedom with minimal material waste.
  • Integrity: Demanding markets require diligence and honesty. Inside and out, Praxis prides itself in making great products for great companies, and also being a great place to work