Medical Titanium Parts


Praxis is a valued source to major medical device companies in providing critical parts for Orthopaedic, Spinal, Vascular and Dental applications. Praxis has developed a custom grade 5 titanium that we call TiRx™ for use in load-bearing applications. We have pioneered a net shape surfacing technology process called 3DT™ which involves manufacturing a solid titanium part with an associated ingrowth or ongrowth surface in one process step that is used for implant applications.

Titanium Fasteners for Aerospace


Aircraft and defense applications require mission-critical titanium fasteners and components that can withstand extreme environments and achieve high performance standards. These parts must be designed, engineered and manufactured under exacting standards to achieve the required tolerances, strength to weight ratios and other technical requirements.

Consumer Titanium components

Consumer & Sporting Goods

Praxis provides high-end titanium components to the consumer and sporting goods industries, designing distinct and stylish, high-performance components that offer very lightweight, strong and durable parts. Our titanium materials offer a unique alternative to other materials for the cycling, marine, and sporting goods industries.

Titanium Parts: Characteristics by Market Sector

Medical Biocompatibility
Aerospace High strength-to-weight ratio
Marine Corrosion resistance
Consumer Product differentiation; aesthetic appeal
Chemical Corrosion resistance
Sporting Goods Lightweight