Porous Titanium

Commercially Pure Porous Ti

Our porous titanium is engineered for bone in-growth and implant longevity. Our technology was developed to meet these critical requirements. Commercially Pure Titanium for superior biocompatibility, tailored roughness for initial implant stability, engineered pore volume to mimic bone-like modulus, and fully interconnected porosity for long-term biological fixation.

Praxis’ porous titanium is a proven technology with over 8 years of high volume production for the orthopaedic industry.

Our porous titanium can be utilized as a coating or as a bulk material for fully porous applications, including:

Orthopaedic implants

-Acetabular cups
-Tibial trays
-Femoral knees
-Shoulder glenoids

Spine cages

-TLIF, ALIF, and PLIF cages
-Foot and ankle implants
Fusion wedges