Titanium Injection MoldingPraxis’ dedicated engineering group has extensive experience in metal injection molding and product development to assist you in evaluating Titanium Injection Molding for cost savings or product improvement. Through Titanium Injection Molding, product design can often be optimized while reducing manufacturing cost.

Praxis’ engineering department provides services including design, prototyping and research and development. These processes can be utilized across all industries such as medical, aerospace, and consumer. Our premium grade materials meet the standards of the medical industry and can be utilized in a variety of consumer and aerospace applications to meet your needs. Benefits of Titanium Injection Molding such as strength to weight capabilities, superior grade quality, finishing capabilities and cost effective design are all aspects demonstrated through our proprietary process.

We pride ourselves in having the only qualified Titanium Injection Molding process in the world and look forward to helping you benefit from it.

We are available to help you evaluate your application suitability at any time.